Sant Prem Singh Ji

The Inspiring Spirit

Sant Baba Prem Singh (1882-1950) was an important social, political and religious leader who was also a visionary and a social reformer. Sant Prem Singh proudly preached Sikhism, promoted Amrit Sanchaar. He also played an important role in revitalizing the Lobana community. He always stressed the importance of education and opened many educational institutions for this purpose.

  • 1921, He opened first Guru Gobind Singh Khalsa Lobana high school in tanda village of district Gujrat.
  • 1944, Sant Prem Singh Khalsa high school, at babakwal in district Shekupura.
  • 1945, Sant Prem Singh Khalsa high school, at khori doona in district Gujrat.
  • 1946, Sant Prem Singh Khalsa high school, in bhatnura lobana, Jalandhar.

He regarded education as the best means of upward social mobility. Sant Prem Singh ji, who advocated a spiritual and intellectual growth of men and women alike in every field of life became an inspiration for GBS Education society that strived hard to set up SPS Janta College in 2006, catering to the needs of the young generation especially girls of this rural area facilitating them to pursue their career in streams of Arts, Science and Commerce.